360º Real Estate Photos Help Sell Homes

This year will be the year of 360º real estate photos. 360º cameras have become quite affordable. And the web has figured out to display them, for the most part. These photos are unique in that you can see in every direction from the eye of the lens. In real estate, this gives a buyer … Continued

10 Ways to Help Your House Sell

1. Get rid of clutter. Throw out or file stacks of newspapers and magazines. Pack away most of your small decorative items. Store out-of-season clothing to make closets seem roomier. Clean out the garage. 2. Wash your windows and screens to let more light into the interior. 3. Keep everything extra clean. Wash fingerprints from light switch … Continued

Selling the ‘Ol Homestead

By Christopher G. Weigl, Esq. Probably the most important aspect of selling your home is contracting with the best real estate broker as your listing agent and pricing the property correctly for the market. One successful approach that I have encountered personally is the setting of a listing price at or slightly below fair market value. … Continued