No home is flawless, but certain physical problems can be expensive. Watch for:

1. Water leaks. Look for stains on ceilings and near the baseboards, especially in

basements or attics.

2. Shifting foundations. Look for large cracks along the home’s foundation.

3. Drainage. Look for standing water, either around the foundation of the home of

in the yard.

4. Termites. Look for weakened or grooved wood, especially near ground level.

5. Worn roofs. Look for broken or missing copings and buckled shingles as well as

water spots on ceilings.

6. Inadequate wiring. Look for antiquated fuse boxes, extension cords (indicating

insufficient outlets), and outlets without a place to plug in the grounding prong.

7. Plumbing problems. Very low water pressure, banging in pipes.


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