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Hasan has been working in the mortgage industry for more than 16 yrs.

Hasan Ogeday Gunduz, Mortgage Consultant
Hasan Gunduz Ogeday, Bergen County Mortgage Guy

He’s held different positions within the industry, from Sr. Loan officer to Marketing VP for a multi-national bank. Hasan specializes in purchase and refinance real estate financing transactions.

Hasan is a mortgage representative with 1st 2nd Mortgage Co of NJ – the oldest mortgage banker in the state of NJ. Due to grandfathering laws the company is able to directly delivering to FNMA, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. To a potential client this means the fastest service, common sense underwriting and most importantly the best rate possible. Hasan initiates and funds over 20 Million Dollars of transactions yearly. He specialized in foreign national financing as well as out of the box non-qm transactions.

‘My goal is to place my clients with the best possible terms and conditions for their financing needs’.

Hasan earned his BBA from Baruch college with a finance major and completed his MBA at Rutgers University. He lives in Glen Rock with his wife, Merve, and his daughter.

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Hasan Ogeday Gunduz
NMLS# 1536508
50 Spring Street, Cresskill, NJ 07626
Toll Free: (800) 562-6466
‭(201) 723-4087‬ cell
[email protected]

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Hasan Ogeday Gunduz
Job Title
Bergen County Mortgage Specialist
1st 2nd Mortgage Co of NJ, Inc
50 Spring St,
Cresskill, NJ, 07626