Homes sold by Michael Shetler in 2017

Houses sold by Michael Shetler

It’s been a busy year in real estate – one of the most active in 11 years. For Michael Shetler it was no different. Here’s a summary of some of the more significant homes he worked on selling in 2017. Homes from Glen Rock to Mahwah to Saddle River – even one in Jefferson, NJ … Continued

360º Real Estate Photos Help Sell Homes

This year will be the year of 360º real estate photos. 360º cameras have become quite affordable. And the web has figured out to display them, for the most part. These photos are unique in that you can see in every direction from the eye of the lens. In real estate, this gives a buyer … Continued

The Importance of Video in Selling Homes

Video Marketing in Real Estate

Your real estate agent’s job is to get you the highest possible price for your home. Yet most agents are not using video marketing – one of the most effective stratetegies to attract buyers to your home. Video helps create a favorable first impression and gives buyers a better sense of your home’s interior. What’s … Continued